The Allure of the Open Road - Oil

LIBRARY SERIES - The Allure of the Open Road

There is something about the allure of the open road.  Sunny day, top down with wind in your hair as you drive down the road to adventure. This oil of linen painting tries to capture that feeling and the American cars that make it happen.  For those who enjoy powerful cars, I chose the Pontiac GTO arguable the first American Muscle car. In the sports car category, I had to go with the  the Corvette Sing Ray and painted a trompe l'oeil medallion from the side of a Vette as part of the book spine. The Buick Skylark pays homage to the beauty,lines and art of the automobile. For classic luxury there is none other than the Cadillac Eldorado. Please enjoy this tribute to the American Cars who create "The Allure of the Open Road."

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